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No one teaches you anything unless you learn it


You've done a beginner's course and have been shooting for a while, but don't seem to be making the progress that you expect.


Your groups are getting bigger!


You would like to shoot the longer distances but your technique doesn't seem to allow you to do that and arrows in the grass don't score.

Does your club coach spend time working with you to improve your execution or do you have to rely upon the advisce of other club members?

Other archers, with the best of intentions can only give you advice based upon what they do.

Unless they are shooting GMB scores they will be trying to improve their own performance and will have neither the time nor the expertise to identify your difficulties let alone work with you to eradicate them.


The person who is closest to knowing how you make the shot is you. Unfortunately what you believe you are doing may not be exactly what you are actually doing!

All is not lost. Come to Archery Insight and share your experience of the shot with a coach. You can then work with that coach to analyse your execution, retain what is good and use it as the foundation on which to rebuild a sound technique. 

An understanding of your equipment and how it works will contribute to your confidence

You can learn how, (if you don't already know)

  •  set up your equipment for optimum performance.

  • make and serve your own string. (Shop bought strings        even made to the same spec. vary enormously.

  • position the nocking point.

  • establish the correct bracing height.

  • adjust your pressure button.

  • establish what stabillsers you need, and how to position them

  • tune your equipment.

  • select, assemble and fletch arrows,

  • understand the archer's paradox.

Our equipment is available for you to use when you take on any of the above procedures. You don't therefore have to buy anything that you may only use occasionally.



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