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WARNING  Archery is addictive, once bitten there is no cure 


If you have reached this page then I presume that you are interested in becoming an archer and are looking for lessons.
Archery does not demand exceptional strength and endurance, but it is a challenge.
You can respond to the challenge at any level from novice to "Grand Master Bowman" (honestly there are such exalted people!) As your skill level improves you reinforce your enjoyment. Progress in the sport is at your pace, and to a level at which you still feel comfortable. You can be as competative as you wish or you can shoot just for fun.
.Ladies and gentlemen shoot on equal terms; there are archers under ten and some over eighty years of age. Many archers even at the highest level continue to shoot at an age when other athletes have been forced to retire. It is a sport for the whole family to enjoy.

To do any of that you need to join our beginner's course.

The course is structured to last eight hours and consists of four sessions each two hours long.

Not everybody in a group learns a new skill at the same pace. If therefore the course runs beyond eight hours there is no extra charge. What is important is that every participant learns a safe and efficient technique

You will be shown and practice under supervision the several individual steps that contribute the execution of a shot. Those steps are then combined into a continuous action that results in your loosing an arrow with a reasonable expectation of hitting the target!  Further practice and individual tuition ensures that at the end of the course you are a safe and competent novice. You will also have knowledge of range etiquette and procedure with a basic understanding of bow performance


Do not be tempted to buy anything before you join the course. All of the equipment needed is provided and advice on the selection of equipment to suit you as an individual and when to buy it is included. 

Archery equipment is matched very particularly to you as an individual. Inappropriate equipment can restrict your progress and if it is not suitable can be a costly mistake.

The cost of the course is £85.00. Reserve your place now.

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