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Please note that Archery Insight is not able to accept applications for membership from young persons under the age of sixteen)

Full or Associate Membership is open to any person who has completed a Beginner's Course, either with Archery Insight or elsewhere and who can demonstrate a competent and safe technique. This condition is not onerous, Archery Insight exists to provide tuition and coaching. Beginner's courses and "refreshers" are a regular part of our programme.

Our sessions are are arranged in two periods of seven weeks with a one week "half term", In general, our "terms" are arranged so as to follow the school terms. This allow members to organise family events without interrupting their shooting arrangements. However our half terms do not always  coincide with the school half terms.(Ours are predictable!!)

 There is no requirement to reserve sessions in advance and there is no joining fee, but contact us if you have any questions.

Full Members can attend either or both of the weekly sessions and are asked to commit to and pay for a full "term" in advance. (14 weeks/28 hours). If any intended session is missed the time can be "made up" without additional charge.

If a member choses to shoot regularly twice every week there is an additional but reduced rate for the extra periods.

Full Members have priority access to club equipment, coaching and facilities.

Full Members using Archery Insight equipment are reminded that use of such equipment is an interim arrangement intended to " bridge the gap" between a new member completing  a beginner's course and purchasing their own equipment, If the "interim period" becomes protracted then a charge will be made for the use of Archery Insight equipment, intended to cover wear and tear and maintenance.

Coaching and assistance with equipment issues and tuning is always available on request and as a priority to Full Members..

Associate (Ad hoc) Members achieve that status by turning up.

The rate charged to Associate Members is per session and gives a financial advantage to Full Membership,

It does not include use of Archery Insight's shooting equipment without. charge. 

Beginners classes are held on a regular basis, on either Sunday mornings or Tuesday evenings The frequency depends upon the number of people interested at any one time. Contact us and a place will be reserved for you on the next available course.

The courses are run on four consecutive weeks and each session lasts for two hours. All of the required equipment is provided.

At the end of the course you will be encouraged to join as a Full or Associate member, when coaching continues, as and when requested. This to allow the novice to advance to whatever level of skill is comfortable. The additional coaching is provided at no extra cost and is included in the membership fee.

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